All items include postage costs to anywhere in the USA! Scroll down to bottom of page for more info.

This is the official web store of Profane Existence a DIY punk rock record label. All items include postage costs to anywhere in the USA by regular mail from Minneapolis, USA. Additional cost of 75% will be added to all orders shipped to Canada and 125% will be added for everywhere else. Payments are accepted by via credit card, Paypal and Google. All sales are final except unworn T-shirts may be exchanged for different sizes. Here are some additional things you should know about Profane Existence Records:

  • Profane Existence is NOT run by a huge staff and is in fact a labor of love that we do in our spare time.
  • All of our printed clothing items are made in facilities that are fair-trade certified by WRAP and FLA. We do the actual printing ourselves.
  • We only sell products in which we had a direct hand in producing. We do not have time to run a large distro or do a lot of trading.
  • This site is set up only for individual mail orders. STORES: If you want to make a wholesale order contact ILD.
  • We are not looking for demos or weblinks from new bands to "sign" to Profane Existence. If you are awesome we will find you!

Profane Existence Records| PO Box 4424 | St Paul, MN 55104 | USA